Tart Cherry Juice Products

Tart Cherry Juice in available in several different variety of products. Here is an overview of each of the types of products.

From Concentrate
From Freshly Squeezed Cherries
Mixed with Other Juices

From Concentrate:

This is the most popular way of getting cherry juice. The reason is the concentrate is readily available year round and is very easy to make. Check out the video below explaining how to make a glass of cherry juice made from concentrate.

From Freshly Squeezed Cherries:

This option is very limited. The reason is the fresh cherries are only available for a few weeks during the summer harvest season. It is usually during this time that you’ll find fresh cherries in the produce section of your local grocery store or farmers market. The fresh fruit is very perishable and easily bruises during shipment and if stored after an extended length of time, the fruit will start to soften and rot.

Another alternative to the fresh is the fresh is to purchase frozen fruit and thaw them out to make the juice. However, similar to the fresh fruit, it may be difficult to find the frozen fruit, too. However, when you do you can make juice from these too.

Mixed with Other Juices:

The next time you walk down the juice isle of your local grocery store, you’ll probably notice several ready-to-drink juice labels with the word “Cherry Juice” on them. However, before you make the purchase, turn the bottle around and read the back label. You’ll probably find that it is actually a blended juice, mixed with several different type of fruit juices including cranberry, apple, blueberry and more. While there is nothing wrong with this product, the label should probably read something like “Blended Cherry Juice”.

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Your cherry juice has helped my to enjoy more time with my grandchildren. Thank you for such a great product.

- Mary K., Portland, OR